A Teaser: My First Travel Video Series (ILOILO, I’m back!)

Hi everybody! I super enjoyed my first trip to Iloilo last 2015 especially as I got a really great and warm reception from all of you guys. From friends, guests and readers, to co-travelers and co-bloggers, my first blog series about Iloilo opened new doors and connections for me.

So, thank you!

Because of this, I decided to go back to Iloilo with my friends this year. This time, we stayed a bit longer…

Here’s a teaser of what we experienced and what I’ll be sharing with you guys soon!

I hope you’ll enjoy my first travel video series | ILOILO.

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Check some behind the scene posts on my Instagram:

Special thanks to the following awesome people:

(My friends Len and Minoll)

Jorry – our blogger guide
Ms. Luth – Camiña Balay nga Bato
Ms. Mae – Cafe Panay
Madge Cafe

And all the lovely people we met at the restos, cafes and islands in Iloilo

Paul of Gigantes Island Tours and Services

For my travel essentials:
Blood Red Clothing
A Vanilla Story
Phina’s Little Factory

And for…
Jonathan Balonso

Thanks for collaborating with me in making my videos more exciting and decent to share! Thanks to your creative editing prowess.

You can check him out here.

Music: “Keep on Going” by Joakin Karud

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