GETTING TO KNOW MARCO POLO MORE (My Filipino and Chinese New Year Dates and then some…)

Last year, a good friend introduced me to Marco Polo. I can say that he’s gorgeous and chic, very kind and accommodating, warm and gracious. What more can I ask for? So I kept coming back to get to know him more.

Now, if only Marco Polo was a guy then we’re already like steadily dating for a year now but no I’m definitely referring to the 5-star awarded hotel in Ortigas, Manila.

A lot of people from my social media were asking why am I always at Marco Polo. I’m definitely not one of their ambassadors (although that would be very cool) or a shareholder (I wish) but there’s just something interesting in getting to know more about a hotel, what it can offer and the special experiences and memories that one can create with each visit. It’s like getting to know someone very interesting… Every conversation seems to be more and more fascinating, amusing and captivating. (Something that we look forward to experience every time we meet someone new, right?)

So here are just some of those SPECIAL EXPERIENCES AND MEMORIES that I so far created at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila (besides what I already shared here, here and here):

Afternoon tea and bonding with Pam and Danica

Afternoon tea and bonding with Pam and Danica

It’s been a long time since I had a catch up with my friends Pam and Danica and it’s so nice to have just a relaxing afternoon with them. Both of them are very productive wives, moms and businesswomen. In short, we all needed the Afternoon Tea bonding that we had together. And to chat over a delicious set of afternoon tea delights at the Connect Lounge was just the perfect idea for a nice day off.

amosh bush

Started our bonding with this refreshingly sweet and sour (just delicious) amuse bouche sherbet


Afternoon Tea for 2 persons at the Connect Lounge daily at 2pm to 6pm: Amuse Bouche Sherbet of the Day, Your choice of Specially Made Baguettes and Toppings, English Scones with Strawberry Jam and Heavy Cream, Chocolate Fondant, Pastries of the Day, Your choice of Tea or Brewed Coffee. (All for only Php 788.)


Sweet ending to our afternoon tea: Chocolate Fondant :)


Not just one or two but I had three handsome dates last New Year! :)

I’ve been wanting to have an intimate (heart-to-heart) date with my dad and brothers for a very long time now. Thank God that it finally happened last January 2. What’s the best way to date them at the beginning of the year? To let them indulge with authentic and super good Cantonese dishes at Lung Hin. (I want them to make busog while I talk, haha.)


One of my favorites! (Php 220)


Great appetizer! (Php 220)


Love this dish! (Php 440)


(Php 1,450)


Hands down my ultimate favorite at Lung Hin! (Php 520)


Gigantic prawns with the most interesting flavors – sakura, blueberries and salted egg. (Php 1,680)


Just tender and flavorful! (Php 1,600)


Love the clean taste of this soup! (Php 880)


(Php 688)


The newest addition to Lung Hin’s dishes (not yet on the menu). I like it.

It was a very special start for my year as I consider it as a break through just to be with them and to talk about things while enjoying every dish that were lavishly served on our table. Another thing that I love was how we were able to share about our goals for the year.


What I was preparing for them while I was at Cafe Pronto. Made sure to be early for my special date. :)

I also made sure to welcome them with something that they can keep – a personalized artwork with my painting on it, a verse that will encourage them, and a list of what I appreciate about them and pray for them all written with the artwork. I hope they liked it and I pray to have more quality time with them.


I love avocado. This is genius, haha! (Php 280)


What a great time meeting beauty queen extraordinaire Mafae Belasco of and of course the very cool Executive Chef, Raymond Yeung (check my interview with him about his culinary experience and tattoo at my Instagram @msjmdelarama).

Experiencing a preview on how it is to celebrate Chinese New Year at Marco Polo while meeting new and interesting people were just the perfect combination. I had a very wonderful lunch over some of the Chinese New Year offerings at Lung Hin while getting to know another productive moms Mafae and Annalyn. (I’m surrounded with beautiful and productive women, yey!)


Sorry for the pic… we started with this dish and I really love the pairing of the different fresh vegetables with the salmon.. love love it… So obvious with the picture, right? 

If you still don’t have plans for Chinese New Year today, celebrate it in a special way with the traditional and modern Cantonese culinary techniques by Executive Chinese Chef, Raymond Yeung. Enjoy the taste of authentic Yin and Yang set menus with your family and friends and take advantage of the symbolic glutinous rice cakes, special koi-shaped coconut flavored round cake and delectable golden pineapple pastry until January 31st.


Wawa naman the pigeons… was actually having a hard time taking a photo of this dish. But it was delicious… (tried only one)


Another gigantic prawns! Love the clean taste of the prawns with the sweet red wine pear. (Sharing the dishes and stories with Annalyn of )


The soup was kind of bland for me but I think that’s one of the things that you should expect also with authentic Cantonese cuisine – they taste very “clean” and not maalat (salty), which is good. 

The beginning of the year seems very busy as just after our traditional New Year and Chinese New Year comes the Valentine’s season! Are you ready for it?


My favorite at Cafe Pronto.

I still don’t have any concrete plans for Valentine’s but being solo I want to make it special this year. Whether you’re single, in a relationship or married you can always make every occasion special…And here are just some of the options for us. :)

Valentine Offerings to surprise yourself (haha) or your loved ones with:

  •  Stay, Dine and uhmmm just spend the night together…

Overnight Stay in a Superior or Premier Room with breakfast and dinner for two at Cucina or have an exclusive overnight stay in a Continental Deluxe Room or Superior Suite with breakfast for two at the Continental Club Lounge and a Valentine’s dinner at Cucina. Or you can dine in the comfort of your suites with a special set up of flowers that will await you and your loved one for a more romantic suite Valentine to remember. (Sweet as!)

  • Special Lunch or Dinner for two – yes please… (or bring along your other couple friends)

Dine and unwind for a delightful lunch and receive a special red rose with a heart shaped chocolate at Php 3,000 for two persons. Or opt for a romantic evening dinner with the same special gifts paired with two glasses of Rosé at P 5,888. Bring in three couple friends and enjoy a Valentine’s group dinner package that comes with a bottle of Rosé . (Group date.)

  • Just Chill on Valentine’s

Enjoy a tapas buffet at Vu’s Sky Bar and Lounge with a Valentine’s drink for P2,600 on February 14 while enjoying a romantic evening with the Manila skyline.

  • Ultimate Bliss / Spa Experience… (I might take this option but with the “who”?!)

One of my sweetest solo dates happened here! Haha… 

Relax and enjoy the company of each other with Flow Spa’s 2 hour and 30 minute perfect pair package. A combination of body scrub, body massage and an Algotherm facial plus a serving of complimentary glasses of wine before or after the treatment. (Available for the whole month of February.)

So, what about you? What kind of memories have you created at your favorite hotel?

Let’s make every moment meaningful. :)


Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

(632) 720 7777



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