A Letter to My Heart: OASIS

by Jul 20, 2016Blog, Episodes of Grace, Featured, Inspirations

desert israel oasis photography travel inspiration

Photographed in Israel

Besides lifestyle, inspiration, and travel, I write about things that I don’t want to forget, or something about what I’m going through or went through. Basically they are things that make me human. 🙂 Most of the time they are words that pierce deep into my soul that need to freely flow to my writing. Simply put, they are my Episodes of Grace.

I’m suppose to share something about 2 F’s today – food and friends. But for some reason after speaking to a friend this evening, a word kept on repeating in my heart. It’s the word OASIS. And I thought that it’s something that I need to process and inquire about.

And so the search begins…

Um Al maa Desert Oasis

Um Al Maa Desert Oasis in Lybia (Photography By Victoria Rogotneva)

I’ve never seen nor photographed an oasis before. (Now this is something I need to add to my travel bucket list.) That’s why I was really left intrigued by it. So first I had to make sure about its meaning. That’s when I consulted Merriam-Webster:

meaning of oasis merriam webster

I was stunned because I really felt like I’m in a season of dry land right now. I literally feel like I’m in a desert. And in this vast land where anyone can be left dehydrated, exhausted and lost, one can also possibly find his own miracle. An oasis.

And while I was writing what I’m about to share below, I was thinking of all the people who are going through some desert in their life right now. Around the world, I know that there are a lot of people who are hurting, confused, sick, spiritually exhausted, mourning, and are questioning… “When is this ever going to end?”


Lord, I’m sick of this barren land,

My spirit’s been drenched with tears,

When I could no longer walk even a single step,

Walk with me to Your Oasis

Lord, my heart is so lost and in despair

Couldn’t navigate my way and what’s next

But I trust that you would bring me from this agonizing pain to rejoicing

I want to dance with you in the Oasis

lagoa bonita desert oasis inspiration

White Sand Dunes at Lagoa Bonita Desert Oasis in Brazil (Photography By Peter Babilotte)

Take me out from this grief,

I can no longer breath, I can no longer breathe on my own,

Be my Oasis, You are my Oasis

I can’t be separated from you

Now that I’ve tasted your goodness

Your water quenches my soul so deep

And your love solely completes my entire entity

You make me new, You made me new

Even amidst of this desert

Drenched with tears, fought some fears

You are my Oasis, You are my Oasis

You’re someone who’s been true

Through it all

You are my Oasis.

What are you going through today? We may not understand every thing right now and we might not know when is this going to end. But I hope that this short blog will encourage you today. One word gave me hope… And I also pray that you’ll find it… that you’ll find your own miracle in the desert. Your Oasis.

God needed to remind me today that I always have an Oasis in Him. His love found me, His love saved me through Jesus. He is indeed my Oasis. And He could be your Oasis too. ♡



  1. Agustin H. Cartagena

    Thank you Joanne for this very inspiring blog. Perfect timing for at this moment I need a nourishment, a refuge. We have just been through a desert and by your blog was inspired to find that OASIS! As what my favorite song says…”Jesus you pick me up each time I fall…You’re the sweetest the sweetest name of all”
    He’ll pick us up in the desert and place us into the OASIS of everflowing grace.
    Keep safe and God Bless You.

    • Joanne-Marie

      Hi Agustin! Wow such an encouragement to receive that message from you. Thank you! Honestly, I was having a hard time posting this last night but felt that I really need to and that there’s a possibility that it’s for a handful of people who may need some new hope and encouragement as I did. I pray that God will strengthen you with (as my friend Cecil mentioned on my Facebook) some “pockets of grace” and to reassure you of His love and purpose for and in that desert. May you be refreshed with and by your Oasis.

      That’s such a nice song! I agree… and I also think that He is the sweetest of all (not just his Name but his love, thoughtfulness and faithfulness are just the sweetest). God bless you more too and lead you always to His Oasis for you.

  2. Agustin H. Cartagena

    Thank you too Joanne. Keep inspiring people. Your blog is an OASIS by itself already.

    • Joanne-Marie

      Thanks for the kind words! I will continue to do my best as I aim for that too. 🙂 All the best to you!

  3. Riz

    Hello Joanne! Blog hopping from the Pursuit Manila thread!

    Thank you for writing this post down, it spoke to me in massive ways, so add me to the list of people for whom you wrote this post. I suppose you can tell that I’m in my own version of a desert too, feeling drained and empty most days, figuring my way out, and flipping through my Bible for verses and promises that will get me through each day. What I realized in the process, however, is that sometimes, God in His wisdom, *actually* wants us to stay in the desert! Either he wants us to learn something, or he wants us to struggle, that we may acknowledge that nothing in this world can satisfy our thirst but Him. You’re right, often our greatest miracles–our Oasis–can be found in the heat and the dusts of our messy situations. What a beautiful truth to be reminded today. So thank you. 🙂

    • Joanne-Marie

      Hi there Riz! Wow thanks for blog hopping to this place. And thank you for sharing your own piece of desert in this season. It’s never easy to share something so personal and difficult but often times it actually helps not just us (when we verbalize it) but others as well. So thanks for being courageous in imparting your journey and how this blog spoke to you too. 😉

      I’m humbled every time I go through something, lead to write about it then learn that others are going through the same thing too. I guess there are really reasons and purposes for our own deserts, valleys/mountains and springs not just for us but for others as well.

      So true! I pray that you get to be refreshed and filled anew as you’re being emptied. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the old and welcome the “new”? (Not sure if this makes sense to you now.) What you’re doing while in the desert (reading His Word, promises etc.) is actually one of the best things to do – it’s like even letting the dry land strengthen you and your relationship with God more as you continuously walk in the desert towards your Oasis.

      I’ve been learning to fight through the desert to my Oasis! ❤️

      Cheers to a week that is filled with fresh revelations as we head from desert to our Oasis and our own Promised Land.


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