A Quick Getaway Review: Batangas Resorts with Pop Talk wearing Blood Red Clothing

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Reviewers for POP TALK Batangas Resorts Episode: Coleen Perez, JM de la Rama and Chef Christian Castillo

I’m so glad to be back as one of the reviewers on GMA News TV’s Pop Talk! I had such an amazing time with the team for their Baler Episode last summer and I was really looking forward to see them all again.

This time, they invited me to have a quick getaway with them and review three Batangas Resorts that I’ve never visited before. I’ve been to Batangas countless of times but I’m always surprised to discover new things in this area every time.

On the week of our travel to Batangas I was honestly feeling eek and meh due to a “monthly visitor” (T.M.I.?! Too Much Info, haha!) but was very excited at the same time. What made me excited besides seeing the team from Pop Talk again and reviewing new places, food and activities with them was when I finally found the right partner for my travel adventures and activities. And I’m ecstatic to bring and test my Blood Red Clothing with me this time.

I was wondering where I can have a chic and cleverly designed rash guard and leggings that would be sturdy enough for my getaway activities but would also give me the protection and style that I need. Then I found a Cebu-based and international brand that’s perfect for this need.

So how do I find them? And what was our verdict with the three resorts that we visited?

That we’ll find out below.

THE THREE RESORTS in Mabini, Batangas:


Pop Talk’s lunch at LA CHEVRERIE RESORT AND SPA’s L’Atelier Bar and Resto

I have to be honest it was like a challenge and tongue twister for me when I first tried to pronounce the name of this resort. Having less sleep the night before didn’t help as well. But because of my constant mistakes I now know this resort’s name by heart.

If La Chevrerie’s pronunciation was challenging, liking this place was absolutely the opposite. It wasn’t difficult at all to feel immediate comfort and enjoyment once you arrive at this home far away from home.


Resort La Chevrerie

The Resort and its Interior: love the fusion of fun and luxury, rustic and modern French style of this resort.

Goat Feeding

Fun with these guys: Goat Feeding with Lala and Lulu


casita ysabel

Pop Talk’s “Lunch-ienda” at Casita Ysabel’s homey resto

If you like to feel closer to nature, to rest in a more traditional accommodation and to try new dishes like breaded and fried gumamela, then you’ll love this Balinese-inspired resort.

casita ysabel

Our very masipag makeup artist Denmark, Poptalk’s main man Kuya Tonipet and moi


pop talk

Casitas and pools overlooking the beach. Having a reef located along Verde Island Passageway, which is known as the heart of marine biodiversity, Casita Ysabel has the best location for snorkeling and diving activities.


One of the most relaxing massages I had to date: Casita Ysabel’s Tre Signature (Bali Brush | Heat Pad | Swedish Massage using Grapeseed Oil)

dogs casita ysabel batangas

The resort’s friendly main residents 🙂


Processed with Snapseed.

Pop Talk’s Korean / Asian dinner at Sea’s Spring Resort, perfect after our Intro to Diving, Hot Spring and Natural Sauna experiences.


If you like your resort spacious and with salt water pool with slides, a good intro to diving spot and a natural spot for detox and relaxation, then Sea’s Spring Resort is for you and your family!


They’re preparing me for an Introduction to Diving experience. Mejo mabigat yung tank ah… workout! 🙂

What a way to end our trip to Batangas with an Intro to Diving at the resort’s rich reef and to experience its natural source of Sulfur Spring Water (that contains calcium, sodium, sulfuric acid, choride ions, etc. In short, a detoxifying hot spring for the body) and Natural Sauna (emitted from geothermal heat).

red blood clothing

What I’m wearing:Blood Red’s Pollie Hooded Rash Guard (the most practical “swim & activity” clothing you can have) with Calypso Leggings (in yummy Marsala and light ice cream colors) and my favorite digitized Pintados weave designed Banago Rash Guard (a modern Filipino designed Rash Guard) with Ziggy Capri Leggings (if I can only use these even during gym sessions).

So what was my verdict? I actually had a hard time deciding which one’s on top of my list (Pop) and which one was a Flop.

If I can only choose all three over a quick weekend getaway, I would prefer doing this:

Day 1

Swim and Dive at Sea’s Spring Resort and enjoy their Sulfur Hot Spring and Natural Sauna. Dine and sleep at La Chevrerie.

Day 2

Island hopping from La Chevrerie. Have a hearty meal at Casita Ysabel, snorkel and swim with their resident dogs and end my weekend break with their 1 1/2 hours of Tre Signature treatment.  

thanks pop talk

Thanks again to this awesome team (mga kuya and ate)! Had a wonderful time working (doesn’t feel like it) with everyone.

Each of the resorts that we visited definitely had something special to offer. But I was caught in between two favorites.

FIND OUT about the FOOD, ACTIVITIES, PRICES, ROOM & INTERIORS | DESIGN of these resorts and our verdict tonight at POP TALK on GMA News TV at 8pm

Processed with Snapseed.

Blood Red Clothing – what’s not to like? I just love the story behind this International Brand. The sailor behind this genius brand is David Harris who leads a team in producing the ultimate performance products specifically designed to those who love the sun and water while being active and still stylish!

Thank God for my Blood Red pieces! I didn’t get worried staying too long under the sun or in chlorine-filled swimming pools, and wearing the right swimwear during quick changes for our water activites (first time I wore and tested a hoodie in a swimming pool, haha!) and shooting.

I love the fact that every garment that I wore was treated with UPF50+ Protection (protection from UV radiation), they were close-fit but still comfortable. They were tight so be careful in wearing / trying them on for the first time. I hope I didn’t tear my leggings. I kinda heard a screech when I was trying to wear it but checked and it was fine. Whew! Please be careful with your velcro stuff too as it can ruin such garment (like with my camera bag).

Would love to try their dry pouches for my gadgets, dry bags for my beach and travel stuff, and aqua shoes on my next travels. I saw their other collection for Men and Kids too – so nice! (Visit their website – click on my photo above. Sign-up for their newsletter and get 15% discount or you may also check their other offers or try their products at R.O.X. branches or conveniently shop online wherever you are in the world.)

Loving this brand and looking forward to the development of their designs and other products too.

twitter #

If you’re watching tonight please use this Episode’s Hashtag #PTBatangasResorts and tag me @MsJMdelaRama on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 🙂

Hope you’ll enjoy tonight’s episode of Pop Talk! Let me know if you have other recommendations for places and activities for a quick weekend getaway? 🙂



To those who missed the show on GMA News TV… Here’s what we experienced and our verdict! 🙂 Yay!!!






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