“Autumn Love” ~ A special love experienced in Paris and Venice

by Feb 14, 2015Hearty Living, Inspirations, Travel Notes

Why I enjoy being single? I think when you know you are loved by Someone who’s stable, able and perpetually in love with you (in spite of and despite of things), then you’ll enjoy LIFE even when you’re alone or by yourself. 🙂 And even when people disappoint you or circumstances may hurt you, still you feel secure because of this kind of LOVE.

It’s because of moments like this that I actually feel so loved and precious despite my imperfections. Moments when I’ll just be around nature, feel the sun’s glory on my face, a kiss from the wind, a whisper of chirping birds, the sound of crisp leaves on my feet, and the LOVE that says, “I’m here. You’re never alone and will never be alone”.

Whether you’re single, married, or whatever your status in life is, I hope you’ll enjoy not just Valentine’s Day but everyday knowing that Someone GREAT and PERFECT perpetually loves you! 🙂 May He show His faithfulness to you today and every day. ♡

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Reposted for Valentine’s Day. Video posted last September 17, 2010.

An autumn love experience featuring Paris, Loire Valley, Versailles, and Venice.

A love experienced when I was 26. A Love that will never be forgotten.

Look around you, maybe Love has always been with you all along.



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