Time to Fly High and Travel the World with ICATS (International Cabin Attendant Training School)

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I was one of those kids who grew up dreaming to fly and travel the world. (Paris, France 2009)

I wonder if you’re one of those people who grew up imagining yourself flying and traveling the world? I used to envision myself either soaring with angels or riding winged unicorns and even wonder how it was like riding one of those aircraft that were flying over me. I was always mesmerized by the sky, clouds and the idea of flying and traveling the world.


What was your childhood dream?

While my brothers grew up having their own superhero suits and capes, I grew up running around as fast as I could in my school uniform, widely stretching my arms as if I was taking off and ready to fly. Yes, I was one of those sweaty and imaginative kids who acted like an airplane. And while some kids dream and imagine, some kids also grow up being sure about what they wanted to become – to travel and to be a pilot or a flight attendant.

This was the case of a friend who was inspired by someone very dear to her. She dreamt of flying and becoming a flight stewardess. But things ended up differently. While others become discouraged and see their unfulfilled dreams as a dead end, she saw this as an opportunity to help others in achieving their dreams. Her dream became bigger than herself.


With ICATS C.E.O. Ms. Princess Joy L. Garcia. I’m a fan of inspiring women like her.

With the guidance of a friend and mentor, she soon established her own flight attendant training school where she and her team prepare future flight attendants to become their best as they reach for their dreams to fly. Ms. Princess Joy L. Garcia became one of the founders of International Cabin Attendant Training School or ICATS.

Hearing the story about Princess and her school made me curious on how they prepare their students for such a huge dream in a very competitive industry. So last November 7, 2016 I had the privilege to witness the Graduation of their Batch 46 students at Crown Plaza Manila Galleria. And I was left amazed and inspired on what I experienced.


These are the graduating students of batch 46 who performed a preflight briefing. Some even showcased their talents in singing and dancing.

As I entered the hotel’s function room, I felt like I was inside an international airport’s departure area with all the other guests looking like passengers waiting to board and some fifty professional flight attendants surrounding us. Wearing genuine smiles in their uniforms and hair and makeup that were neatly styled, these graduates marched with such grace and confidence. They even performed a preflight briefing where they demonstrated safety and emergency procedures in a unique and very entertaining way.

At ICATS Graduation for Batch 46 with ICATS’ founder and C.E.O. Ms. Princess Garcia, ICATS Director Ms. Malu Galang, trainers, administrative personnel and friends.

At ICATS’ Graduation for Batch 46 with ICATS’ founder and C.E.O. Ms. Princess Garcia, ICATS Director Ms. Malu Galang, trainers, administrative personnel and friends.

I also noticed that more than a training school ICATS was like a second home to their students. You can observe the kind of relationship that they have with their trainers and the school’s administrative personnel. They all easily turned into a family where they’re educated not just with the knowledge and skills that they need to thrive in the airline industry but more importantly making them established with values that can prepare them for the real world.

the graduates

It was a heartwarming sight to also see each student bringing (and honoring) their parents on the stage. I can only imagine the feeling of being a step closer in fulfilling your dreams and your aspirations for your family as well.


ICATS definitely opened my eyes to what any school should be. One of the graduates who spoke on the stage was top 2 Zach Edward C. Manipol. And he described ICATS as like an airport where you can meet a variety of people but still understand and accept one another.

And speaking of ICATS being like an airport, I was impressed by their new facility and I’m sure you would too.

(How could I only discover now that this kind of school exists? If I had known this ten years ago, I would’ve tried to be trained as a flight attendant too.)

Just by seeing this training school’s facilities left a great impression on me. They give such incredible importance in providing their students with the kind of atmosphere that’s perfect for both professional training and personal growth.


They’re bringing “the aircraft” at their training facility. Isn’t that amazing?

So this is where they have their 30-day intense course where they train their students with the safety standards of an international airline and about first class service, honing not just their knowledge but putting them immediately into practice.


Some of their programs include personality development, aircraft familiarization, emergency situations and procedures, on board service, interview essentials and job assistance.

I like how committed ICATS is in helping their graduates to excel not just in their careers but most especially in life. Princess is leading a school that I believe will bring change not just to the airline industry but wherever their graduates will soar.

ICATS is training more than just flight attendants who would like to reach their dreams, they are sending professionals who are ready to fly high and fulfill their purpose as leaders with integrity, faith and excellence.

So if you’re one of those people who are still wondering if you can still make your childhood dream come true, to fly, travel the world and be a flight attendant, make the necessary steps and be trained at ICATS.

ready to change and conquer the world

And I hope that just like Princess, any dead end from the past won’t stop you in reaching your destination but may they only be a start for you to be redirected to a new dream that’s even bigger than yourself.

Continue to pursue your dreams!

(*More about Princess’ “dead end” story and how she came about to this new and bigger dream soon… PART 2)




Unit 907-A East Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road,Ortigas Pasig City

+632.470.7523 loc 801

+63.917.8222366 (Globe) |
+63.939.9144309 (Smart)

(Call them and schedule for your free info-session)




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