Israel Stories: The Eyes of Old

by Feb 18, 2013Photos, Travel Notes


  1. Boots M. Revita

    Glad you posted pictures of Israel. So many exciting things happens when you go to Israel. I have been there twice, and on my second trip, I hoped and prayed that nothing extraordinary will happen for me to miss the Vis Dolorosa, the Church of the Nativity and other sites I missed during the 1st trip since my mom was hospitalized at Ein Karem Batsheda Hospital for kidney failure. YES, what a place for her to develop such kidney malfunction.
    But, God is indeed good, Mom was able to go home without fever or pain and was rushed from airport to hospital. She lost one of her kidneys in May, 1997 and will be celebrating her 80th bday in April.
    I promised God, I would return when she’s well. And as thanksgiving, I was back in Israel in August of 1997 and again, it was full of adventures that is God protected. It was the start of the first attack thru a market place bombing and Israel was in full alert. Then, they closed Jerusalem to tourist. No entry! I missed it in May, and I said, I will not miss it this time. We were picked up by Palestinian friends of the guide – owners of Three Arches Souvenir Shop. We went thru the Church of Nativity and spent a good 30 minutes singing xmas carols in August when the longest time a tourist can stay in the site of Jesus birth is only 1 minute. It was so heartwarming!
    Then, I celebrated my birthday in Jerusalem – a trip to the Wailing Wall, and Mama Mary’s tomb.
    Last to see is the beautiful monastery way out in the middle of the desert – no transpo to get there except a donkey (Of course I did not go there but we viewed it from a distance).
    It was worth every penny to go back. And I promised myself that when it is time for JJ to see the Land of His birth and death, I will go back and bring JJ. I am hoping it will be soon, and your pictures just made me think of including the Holy Land in my list of trips this year if possible.
    Thanks for posting and continue to post your beautiful pictures. God bless you JM.

    • jmdelarama

      Hi Ate Boots! Thank you so much for appreciating my travel pictures. I especially love it when people can reminisce and think of something special out of them.

      You have indeed experienced a lot of “adventures” in Israel and I can feel your enthusiasm about your trips and how excited you are to go back again. I experienced a lot of God’s protection and comfort from that place too which I would love to share on my next posts.

      God bless you and Shalom!


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