Music for Life Philippines: Worship Benefit Concert with 1 Walker

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Had a great time meeting these guys: Mr. Ogie Alcasid, Mr. Archie Castillo and Ms. Liza Martinez of 1 Walker, Mr. Rino Que and Mrs. Sam Que of Time Horizon Events, and friends. 🙂

I love music. There are times when I needed some sweet silence in my life but most of the time I like it when music fills my surroundings. Music gives me comfort, peace, and makes me excited about life (well, this of course depends on my choice of music and mood for the day). 🙂

But overall, we can all agree at some point that MUSIC is LIFE. I can’t imagine our world not having any singers or musicians, or tunes and lyrics that we can relate with, and sing and dance to.

That’s why being a part of Music for Life Philippines’ first Worship Benefit Concert was such an incredible gift for me. I always wanted to be a part of something as meaningful as what’s about to happen tomorrow, March 4, 2017 (Saturday) at The Monochrome in Nuvali (Sta. Rosa, Laguna).


Sheena Lee, a singer, worship leader, NEW GOSPEL recording artist and a multi-medalist of 2016 World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood California U.S.A. treated all of us with a couple of songs, which left everyone astounded with her amazing talent.

Hosting the Bloggers Night for this event was so much fun! I was able to meet new people, got inspired by stories from our musicians and the ladies from Real Life Foundation while enjoying my favorite gourmet sandwiches that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Bistro prepared for all of us.

Samantha Lichauco

We learned more about Real Life Foundation and its scholars too through their lovely Communications Officer, Ms. Samantha Luchauco.

What’s more special about this event is not just about the music but most especially the number of young people or scholars that this event can support and reach through this Worship Benefit Concert.

And I believe that everyone who’ll join this event is already changing not just a life but the nation as well.


So inspired by Cezanne Cescar, one of the scholars from Real Life Foundation who’s now a graduate of Mass Communication/ Broadcasting and who’s aim is to be a film director in the near future. I told her that I can be an “extra” for her anytime. Haha.

Besides learning about Real Life Foundation from its Communications Officer, Samantha Lichauco, we also learned the impact of every support that this foundation receives through the story of Cezanne Cescar.

Cezanne shared her challenges in the family and how Real Life Foundation helped her in her dreams to finish her studies and to eventually change the world through her brilliant film ideas and concepts. And I can’t wait to hear about her more and to see the films that she’ll be making!

Sir Ogie Alcasid 1 Walker

The only proper photo that I have while interviewing Mr. Ogie Alcasid. 🙂 Inspired by his new song, which he wrote in just 5 minutes! Wow…

Another thing to expect at tomorrow’s event are our country’s brightest singers and songwriters from Mr. Ogie Alcasid, Mrs. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Ms. Jaya, together with the rest of their group called 1 Walker. Yes, you’ll be amazed how and why there were able to form this group.

coffee bean and tea leaf event

With the hardworking ladies of Music For Life Philippines – Jaci and Bernadette, together with Real Life Foundation’s Sam and Cezanne 🙂

With the combination of music and community from Music for Life Philippines, we are looking forward to a very special evening of life-changing musical experience that will support the scholars of Real Life Foundation.

bloggers night

Glad to see Suzanne of Seol Bang and Annalyn of

Hope you can join us. 🙂

1 walker sheena and sam

What a nice evening to meet new people: Sam Lichauco of Real Life Foundation, 1 Walker’s Ogie, Archie and Liza, and Sheena Lee 🙂


Rino and Sam Que Time Horizon Events

Blessed to meet this beautiful couple Rino and Sam Que 🙂 Let me take this opportunity to also greet Time Horizon Events’ awesome main man Mr. Rino Que. Happy Birthday!

Change a life, Change the nation.


worship benefit concert 1 walker

Join us tomorrow for our special Worship Benefit Concert with 1 Walker, for the scholars of Real Life Foundation. 🙂 Check this poster for more details.




Thank you so much to everyone who supported this event. It was a success!

I’ll be updating this post soon. 🙂

Enjoyed hosting this event. Thanks to Leslie of Kapwa Studio for my hair. :)

Enjoyed hosting this event. Thanks to Leslie of Kapwa Studio for my hair. 🙂



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