My last trip with her watching Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights

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Hong Kong Symphony of Lights Photography

Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong

“Nǐ Hǎo!” I recently came back from a short business trip to Hong Kong with a dear friend. It’s just pretty ironic to also remember my last trip there back in 2011 and the approaching 2nd death anniversary of my mother this November.

I remember the night when I surprised my Mama and Papa with Hong Kong’s “Symphony of Lights” at Intercontinental Hotel‘s lounge. That was special.

I really planned and prepared for the trip, as it was my dream to treat my parents with an all-expense paid travel out of the country. Good thing, my Mabuhay Miles points took care of all our airfares while I got the rest in a favorable deal.

Part of my surprise was to bring them from the airport to our hotel at Langham Place in Mongkok in a luxury car (since my Mama’s dream car, which was a Jaguar wasn’t available we ended up being fetched by a Mercedes-Benz instead). Complete with a well-dressed chauffeur, I saw my Mama’s priceless smile. I chose Langham Place because it was very convenient and was also connected to a mall. My Mama (who was already diagnosed with cancer at that time) can walk around if she wants to and we can also buy her preferred food easily.

Back to Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights. I invited my parents to have drinks and dinner at Intercontinental Hotel since I discovered that it’s one of the hotels or spots that you can have a good view of this nightly attraction.

While waiting for the Symphony of Lights to start, we enjoyed listening to Filipino performers and had some chat with them too. Then a few minutes before eight, I told my parents, “Ma, Pa I have a surprise for you. I prepared the whole Hong Kong just to showcase this special surprise for you two…”  Then the lights in Hong Kong’s skyscrapers began to dance… 🙂

I never thought that would be my last trip with Mama. And I never thought that would be her last trip out of the country with Papa too.

Today, as I remember God’s blessings and gift of opportunities, I’d also like to share how important it is for us children to show our parents how much we value them. No matter how imperfect they are, let’s make it a point to show them how grateful we are in having them.

It doesn’t need to be a trip abroad, it could be a treat at their favorite restaurant, a one-hour phone call, a trip to Tagaytay, a massage, or even just 2 or 3 words from the heart (“Thank you” and “I love you”), or a love letter showing them how much you love and appreciate them.

Life is too short. Make each day and opportunity count. Share random surprises to people. Love.




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