New Hotels for Staycation: Selah Garden Hotel, Belmont Hotel and IM Hotel (Another TV Review with Pop Talk)

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Wall Climbing at Selah Garden Hotel, Blueberry Burger from the Belmont Hotel, and I’M Hotel’s Onsen Signature Massage. Just some of the things that we’ll chat about below. 🙂

Staycations. This has been one of the best and popular things to do whenever there’s a long weekend or holiday in Manila. It’s either people stay at their homes or at their favorite hotels.

(Well, except if you’re someone who enjoys or doesn’t mind the horrendous traffic heading towards the north or south bound. And you don’t mind having your patience, endurance and perseverance tested while on vacation. Even going to the loo during stopovers is a total pain on those long weekends! I know because I experienced it. And it’s not a good picture or a pungent smell to swallow.) :p

So staycations are actually a gift from heaven. Imagine less worries, stress, traffic, and more time, quality bonding and comfort with your loved ones. But staycations also often results to good hotels becoming fully booked! That’s why I got really excited when I learned that my 3rd review assignment for POP TALK was all about the NEW HOTELS in Manila. (Check my 1st and 2nd time on the show.)

It’s ALWAYS a challenge (yes, you heard it right) to guest at POP TALK. You may ask why? Well, imagine our life every time we’re at a taping: byahe (travel), lamon (eat), pause, and repeat for several times.

Yes, we would literally feast on delicious food in excessive and epic proportions (hehe) until we can no longer take any of them in (which is rarely the case, though I really get like preggy-bloated). Then sometimes we would either have activities that will test our superhuman strength or should I say courage (to try new things and sometimes face our fears) like swimming, scuba diving, surfing, wall climbing, aerial walk, etc. And other times we would force ourselves not to sleep during a relaxing massage or spa time. Then after each place that we visit, we would give our verdict… It’s that difficult (and extremely fun)!

Kidding aside, every time I’m asked to review for POP TALK I’m already praying for God to immediately clear my schedule (if possible) so I can momentarily “suffer” (in such a good way) with every one from POP TALK, my co-reviewers, the staff, and Kuya Tonipet Gaba (the show’s main host) while also meeting new people.

pop talk gma news tv show selah garden

Our “sacrificial” taping at POP TALK… look at that amount of food (just the first part of our food coma experience) at Selah Garden Hotel with the main host Tonipet Gaba and my co-reviewers actress Isabel Granada “The Vampire” (the forever young and beautiful, because she never gets old) and theatre actor Chrome Cosio “The Chicken Lover” (haha he showed us his “finger lickin’ good” TVC and he was really convincing).

With no further delay, let me share with you the THREE NEW HOTELS that we visited and reviewed for POP TALK’S Mother’s Day episode that you can try for your next staycation.

  • Made a short description that I think would best illustrate our experience and what you can expect for each hotel, shared some behind the scenes photos, and each property’s ongoing promotions (which hopefully will help you with your future decision for your next staycation). Including our videos too (our experiences and verdict) from this special episode below. 🙂
  • Feel free to let me know which ones do you fancy for your next staycation and if you have other recommendations too through the comment section below. : )



“A Surprise Adventure within the City”

wall climbing selah garden hotel pop talk

Our first activity very early in the morning: Wall Climbing (my first time!) It looks easy but it’s not… Well, except for Chrome haha. I realized how much I needed to exercise after this activity.

selah garden hotel adventure manila pop talk

Selah Garden Hotel’s very unique setup within the city… Imagine a wall climbing spot and aerial walk inside your hotel where you can also learn scuba diving lessons. There’s even a zip line and hanging bridge for you to try. We love the unique concept of this hotel where families and friends can enjoy even an overnight fun and adventure during a holiday without traveling that far. (Isabel even jokingly suggested that it would be nice to have a zip line connected from this hotel to Cubao. With the kind of traffic that we have here, that was actually a funny but great idea!)

aerial walk pop talk gma news tv selah garden hotel

Our Aerial Walk experience… Oh and look at one of the cameraman’s “buwis-buhay-and-equipment” position (upper right photo). They’re that dedicated to the show. 😉 Also, Isabel and I really took our time at one of the last challenges for the Aerial Walk called multi-vines. Mahirap na ma-out of balance at malaglag on Philippine television. Haha.

boodle feast tabla restaurant selah garden hotel pop talk

Just some of the first dishes that were served to us at Tabla Restaurant. I love the salad, the Boodle Feast (aligue rice, and mixed grilled seafood and meat favorites, salted egg, green mangoes) and the Tinolang Manok (not on the photo). They also have really refreshing and highly recommended drinks like Kamias Juice, Cucumber Juice and Pandan Cooler. (I’m already craving for them!)

behind the scene pop talk gma news tv selah garden hotel

Really grateful for all these people who works so hard behind the scenes! Of course they also get to eat every thing. 😉 Thanks Heart Borromeo for my hair and make-up. And thanks sa mga napagiiwanan ko ng phone na may mga iniiwan din na selfies. Haha! (Oh and check out the Aquaphonix / Aqua Culture of Selah Garden Hotel behind those mighty guys on the lower right photo.)


*** View the activities that we did, the room accommodations, and all the food that we ate on the video below.

Ongoing Promo:


Php 999/pax/night for JUNE to SEPTEMBER 2017 (Low Season dates only, from Monday to Thursday). This includes welcome drinks upon arrival, complimentary breakfast, wifi access, and use of swimming pool. They also have COMPLIMENTARY YOGA SESSIONS every Saturday.

More about Selah Garden Hotel:


(Find out who did some d**** dancing behind one of the bathroom’s glass wall!)



“Lounge and Dine in Compact Style”

cocktails the belmont hotel manila pop talk review gma news tv

Enjoy Belmont’s very compact yet luxurious property including their pool area while having these fab drinks and cocktails. 🙂

blueberry cheeseburger belmont hotel manila pop talk review

“Blueberry…Cheese…Burger…and Cocktails by the pool!” (BELMONT BLUEBERRY BURGER: blueberry campote over some crispy bacon, melted cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, lettuce, cream cheese, all of these in between a blueberry bun and with my favorite potato wedges on the side!)

belmont hotel pool area lounge pop talk

Great meeting every one from the Belmont Hotel including Sir Rey Fabricante and Sir Jowie Guillar. They’re all very accommodating. 🙂

belmont hotel rooms pop talk accommodations staycation

This hotel is conveniently located near the airport. A great place to stay before or after a long and tiring flight or travel. Best not just for families but for travelers and business people too. I love how their rooms seem to be compact but cleverly designed and planned. Every thing you need is here. Plus, there’s also the Php 1.5 Billion Project called “Runway Manila” that connects Newport City to NAIA 3, the country’s first pedestrian bridge. So you don’t have to worry about the traffic for your next flight if you’re going to stay at the Belmont.

After watching this episode, you’ll know how I’m into the thoughtful details – the quality of the bed, products that are available for the guests to enjoy, and of course the robe. (I have a penchant for robes. As you can see on the photo above I needed to try Belmont’s robe if it was really comfortable. And yes, I returned it after this take haha.)

baked alaska belmont cafe belmont hotel pop talk review

We were gushing over Cafe Belmont’s “BAKED ALASKA”, the dessert that reminded us of our childhood memories with it’s 2-layered ice cream and the Mango and Jackfruit Jubilee too (not on the photo).

sauna belmont hotel pop talk review isabel granada

While Chrome was at the Fitness Center of Belmont Hotel, Isabel and I were making chika at the sauna.

cafe belmont belmont hotel pop talk

WIPED OUT! It’s obvious how much we enjoyed the dishes at Cafe Belmont and the company of their chefs and staff too.

Ongoing Promos:


(Until December 31, 2017)

– 50% discount on Room Accommodation based on their Published rate

– 25% discount on Food and Beverage at Café Belmont.


(Until December 31, 2017)

– Php 4,116 nett for Superior Room (Overnight Room Accommodation with free upgrade to Deluxe Room, Buffet Breakfast for 2, free scheduled airport shuttle, free wi-fi access, free use of swimming pool, gym, sauna and steam bath) 


(Until July 31, 2017)

– Php 2, 500 nett for Superior Room (Only for 2 persons, good for 6 hours stay from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. only, free scheduled airport shuttle, free wi-fi access and free use of swimming pool, gym, sauna and steam bath.)


More about Belmont Hotel:



 The Ultimate Onsen & Urban Spa Experience


The fabulous, biggest, and only authentic Onsen Spa in Manila with 6 floors of pure bliss and relaxation is at I’M Hotel, the first 5-star hotel in Poblacion, Makati. (Photo on the right: the bathroom at one of the hotel’s suites)


(First Photo: Wearing a “Yukata” before my massage. Second Photo: Taking a tea break at the spa’s Relaxation Lounge after having our lunch buffet at Bloom, Onsen Spa’s Western and all-day dining restaurant.) Due to the limited time that we had, I wasn’t able to try the Onsen Thermal Bath but I was able to experience their Signature Massage at one of their rooms for couples.


Playing like a scary Japanese-O before filming the first part of my massage. The rest of the time was just pleasant and divine. I really recommend the Onsen’s Signature Massage (my masseuse used a combination of Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish, Reflex, and Yin Yang massages on me). Besides Onsen’s different treatment rooms and pods, they also have a VIP Spa Suite where you can have a spa while singing your favorite videoke songs with friends. 🙂

empress jade modern chinese restaurant i

Now, this is Empress Jade, the dimsum and modern Chinese restaurant of I’M Hotel. I can’t say enough good things about their Signature Crab Bee Hoon and Assorted Roast Platter! Every thing was tasty but not overpowering. Their desserts are not that sweet either, which I really like! Plus, there’s a bowl of Salted Egg Potato Chips too. Yummy!


PACK UP TIME! Felt like Singapore and their hip hotels at I’M Hotel’s main lobby. I love how this hotel was luxurious but not intimidating at all. Had an amazing time with my co-reviewers Isabel Granada and Chrome Cosio, main host Kuya Tonipet Gaba, and the rest of the wonderful people that I got to work with. Thanks for having me again, Pop Talk. 🙂

Besides the All-day Buffet at Bloom, Saturday Night Buffet, All-you-can-eat Dimsum at Empress Jade, and Spa-cation packages and promos,

check the latest and other offerings, and more details about I’M Hotel here:

Watch our final verdict for the three new hotels in the Metro here for:

WOW Factor ❧ Impressive Facilities and Amenities ❧ Value for Money


They also feature different reviewers every week. 🙂

So, what do you guys think of these hotels? Where would you like to have your next staycation? If you know anyone who loves staycations, feel free to share this to them through the Facebook share button below. ♡



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