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Why Scrub? Wonder no more as I’ll be sharing why it’s important for us to exfoliate our skin! Read on… 🙂

What’s your scrubbing medium? Remember your first “labakara” (washcloth) from your mama? What about your grandma’s magic “bato” or pumice stone? :p


I remember the first time I saw a pumice stone at my grandparent’s bathroom. I was so curious why it was there in the first place and what they actually do with it. A stone in a bathroom? Hmmm… Then I learned that it belongs to my grandma (who is now still strong at 94!). The pale grey volcanic rock is what she used to exfoliate her skin (I did my research and found out that it can also remove unwanted hair! Say what?!). I don’t know about you but it sure sounds painful to me! But judging by my grandma’s skin, I think it was effective. 😉

From my grandma’s pumice stone, I also recalled how my mom used a “labakara” or washcloth whenever she gave me a bath. She said it’s for those “libag” (haha) or “dirt” on my skin. In other words or in a more appropriate term, it’s used to remove or exfoliate those dead skin cells!

When I was in my teens, Body Shop came and I was exposed to not just washcloths for bathing but to the wonders of natural scrubs and the power of exfoliating gloves, lily and a loofah! And just a few years ago I also discovered the miracles of DRY BRUSHING!

And these are all nothing new! Exfoliating the skin was part of ancient beauty and skin care routine!

There are so many ways for us to SCRUB or EXFOLIATE our skin but the question is WHY do we have to do it  and what if we really don’t have the time to do it ourselves?

That’s what I’ll be talking more about as I also discovered the FIRST and ONLY SCRUBBING SALON in the metro!


Yes, darlings you heard it right! There’s such a place as a Scrubbing Salon and it’s conveniently located at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong!

Don’t let the facade of this place fool you! They really made use of their space – imagine besides having 5 stations for foot services, Roman Baths also has 3 rooms with shower (pictured here) and a special room for facial! Oh, and yes this is my room for my BODY SCRUB! 🙂

I’m glad a friend invited me to try Roman Baths Scrubbing Salon. It’s good to see a place that specializes in scrubbing or exfoliating services that uses natural products (they make their own scrubs)! This is the perfect oasis to those who may want to unwind and relax while having their skin pampered.

Roman Baths can even take extra care of specific areas that may actually be more rough or other parts that need extra TLC like the elbows, knees, underarms, hand, foot, back or even the butt area!

But what I tried during my first visit was their Body Scrub and Facial Scrub. And here’s how I find both treatments:

Facial Scrub Scrubbing Benefits Roman Baths Scrubbing Salon Review Blogger

How did I find Roman Baths’ services?


Since I picked body scrub and facial, I was first ushered to one of the rooms with a shower. I’ve been to a number of spas and I can say that for the price range of their services, they really went over and beyond to offer their clients a room that’s cozy, clean and chic! (Check my video review through my Instagram Stories here.)

Before my body scrub treatment started I also asked about my choices for their scrub. They say that they have either their sugar scrub or their salt scrub using Himalayan pink salt. I chose the latter since I know the benefits of Himalayan pink salt. (But to those who have more sensitive skin, I recommend that you start with their sugar scrub as the Himalayan salt might be too course for you.) After my body scrub, I was asked to wash the scrub off through a quick shower then the best part started – THE MASSAGE. (I dozed off…)


Now, this was something that really surprised me. When I chose this treatment, I was expecting just a simple scrub on my face (duh!?). But guess what? Before everything started, they applied a toner and cleanser on my skin first.

After which, the scrubbing started! Again, I asked what’s on my scrub and I was happy to know that the ingredients on their scrub were something that I could actually eat (meaning they’re safe, natural and good!). My facial scrub has sugar, honey and calamansi! What surprised me was that this treatment also included some pricking! And for me you either hate or love this part!

I personally don’t like pricking but I know that it would help my skin get rid of those blackheads and whiteheads so I let them proceed with it and I was happy on how my skin felt so clean afterwards! And just when I thought that it’s going to be over soon (huhu), I was told that they still need to apply a mask. I asked if I have options again (I’m really like this, guys! “Ask and it shall be given to you…”). And I’m glad I asked because they have either a whitening mask or collagen. Knowing my priorities, I chose collagen since I know that it’s good for anti-aging, haha!

The best end to their facial treatment? The application of their moisturizer (using either something hypoallergenic or aloe vera gel) while treating my face with the most amazing facial massage! Aaaaaaah….(I dozed off… Again.)


SERVICE: I was surprised by the complimentary massages that made me fall asleep during my body and facial scrub treatments! I also like that they use natural ingredients (I’m just not too sure about the toner since it smelled more like an alcohol and their collagen mask which also has a strong fragrance).

AMBIENCE: I love the theme of their place, the soothing colors and how they made use of their limited space!

LOCATION: Conveniently located inside the mall! Very easy to find.

VALUE: Imagine having such relaxing treatments at Php720 or US$13 for a whole body scrub and massage, and Php380 or US$7 for a full facial scrub! Now, that’s super worth it!

In summary, for the price and quality of their services, the ambience and since I fell asleep (meaning they did a great job) during my scrubbing sesh, I’ll give them an “I-shall-definitely-return-4.8-stars-rating”!


The extra mile: They even offer you some tea after your treatment. 🙂


Do you know that our skin sheds dead cells for about 30,000 to 40,000 every 60 seconds? Imagine how some of those dead cells are still left on our skin!

And this is why SCRUBBING or EXFOLIATION our skin is very important! Exfoliation helps our skin in so many ways and here are just some of them:

  1. It makes our skin HEALTHY – with proper exfoliation, we remove any lingering dead skin cells thus helping our skin to be at its best. This also means that as we remove those flaky and dry patches, we also reduce the risk of our skin to have clogged or blocked pores and breakouts.
  2. It makes us LOOK YOUNGER and MORE RADIANT – as newer skin cells appear whenever we exfoliate, our skin tone becomes brighter and it also evens out more. With this, we can also look more glowing and even younger as exfoliating can also fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!
  3. It makes skin care products work better – since your skin is no longer blocked with those dead cells, your cleanser, toner, serums, moisturizers and other skin care products could penetrate the skin more thus work better too.
  4. It makes you feel good inside and out – when exfoliation is done right (don’t over exfoliate, please) at least once a week (or 2-3 times a week depending on your skin type), and you also provide the right ingredients for your skin (always choose the natural ones), your skin will reap its healing benefits as it also improves blood circulation while giving you a super soft (like a baby’s) skin that you’ll love to touch (and others would love to touch, too)!

(Note: Always get a professional advise from your dermatologists regarding your skin care routine and the products that you use.)

For your weekly scrubbing solution, when in doubt and when you just want to be pampered like Cleopatra without spending gold, try Roman Baths Scrubbing Salon! I included their MENU here:

Roman Baths Scrubbing Salon offers these special services and packages!

“Treat yourself today to our signature natural scrubbing services that will leave you feeling lighter, cleaner and more refreshed!” – Roman Baths Scrubbing Salon

After knowing about the benefits of exfoliation, I think we all need a much deserved scrubbing treat from time to time. So it’s nice to know that a place is specializing this kind of service!

And what if you can treat yourself to a full body scrub for less than Php400 now?! It’s possible but only until November 30th! Check the special offer from Roman Baths Scrubbing Salon below:

Oh em geee… Php360 for a whole body scrub and massage! Find Roman Baths at the 5th floor of SM Megamall Building A (near the parking entrance).

Best offer I’ve seen so far! This Body Scrub treatment for 45 minutes already includes scrubbing, shower and a back massage! Treat yourself from Mondays to Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Right after my relaxing treatment (look, no makeup except for my lipstick), I had the pleasure of meeting Merci and Ocel of Roman Baths Scrubbing Salon. And of course I made sure to ask them some questions about their business.

I got curious on what inspired the founders of Roman Baths Scrubbing Salon to start this kind of business in the Philippines. Good thing I had the opportunity to directly ask Merci and Ocel, the brains behind this specialized concept.

Besides the obvious on how both ladies were inspired (specifically during their visit in London) by the ancient times where people relax at Roman Baths, they first and foremost would like to provide for a place that’s luxurious while promoting a healthier lifestyle through exfoliation or scrubbing services that use natural and homemade ingredients and making it more affordable for everybody.

I think they just did it perfectly! And I hope that more people would really experience and take advantage of this wonderful lifestyle experience.

Besides your labakara, pumice stone, scrubs and others, how do you take care of your skin? 🙂



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