Sibling Love: Music, Vlogs and Kindness (Feat. Mark and Grace Que)

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Yay for my second blog on SIBLING LOVE! 🙂

In this day and age of social media and hashtags, with people having daily goals of attracting more likes and followers, it’s refreshing to see two young people who are into a more purposeful and meaningful motivation in sharing their talents and blessings to others. They are simply #SiblingGoals and #HumanityGoals (haha).

As this is my second blog on “Sibling Love” (you can read the first one here), you can say that I’m easily entertained just by observing the people and relationships that I witness every day and my interest in music! If I haven’t been into media and creatives, I think I would’ve ended up being a sociologist (shout out to my college professor in sociology) and a music therapist (a woman can dream)!music siblings good family relationships mark and grace que

Anyhow, on this blog I’d like to share a young brother-and-sister-super-duo who inspired me despite their age since meeting them a few years ago. Mark Que is just 22 years old, an aspiring doctor and a multi-talented musician (he sings, plays the guitar, drums and other instruments), was a guest vocalist (in Samantha Chavez Album), a music composer for the movie “Thelma”, for “God of the Nations”, “The Vine” and Say Grace” (a Vlog Channel), and a musical consultant for Music for Life Philippines (A Benefit Concert last 2016), and his 15-year old sister Grace, a young lady who sings, acts, models, paints (amongst other things), and who also vlogs! (Whew!)

Besides being amazingly talented (and tall), Mark and Grace possess the sweetest and biggest hearts! And I see how they also love and honor their parents and the people around them. So with this introduction about them, I hope that you get something inspiring in today’s blog, featuring the relationship between the Que siblings and my Q&A with them below:

JM: “Hi Mark and Grace! So we can make this a little bit different and fun, can you guys share something about your sibling?” 

music siblings good family relationships mark and grace que

Mark: Grace is my total opposite personality wise. She loves the limelight. She loves interacting with all sorts of people. She loves putting herself out there for the world to see. And that’s what I really admire about her! It takes a lot of guts to do what she’s doing, and I can’t wait to see what else God will do through her!”

mark que music drums

Grace: My Kuya is THE BEST KUYA IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! He’s really helpful, caring, sweet, kind, and smart. I can really see how much he loves the Lord – from moving to a foreign country to follow the Lord and to serving in church almost every Sunday. You can basically see it in the way he lives his life and how he treats the people around him. He is #brogoals”.

JM: “Wow! You guys are really #siblinggoals! I also agree with Mark that it takes a lot of guts being out there. So kudos to both you Mark and Grace!

I also observed that you’re both very musically inclined. What inspired you with music? Do you sing together at home?” 

mark que music guitar singer

Mark: “Our family has just been very musical ever since I can remember. Mom would always sing to us, my lola would play the piano all the time, and dad would always put on his favorite “Earth, Wind, and Fire” tunes. I’m also thankful that our parents gave us many opportunities to learn how to play different kinds of instruments. I guess it was everything together that really inspired me to explore the world of music, expose myself to songs of all sorts of genres, and even create some songs of my own!

And yes, Grace and I sing together all the time (especially Disney songs)!”

say grace grace que singing samantha que

Grace singing with her beautiful mom, Mrs. Samantha Chavez Que. 🙂

Grace: “Mama always sings and ever since we were little, she would sing songs to us, for us, and with us. My Dad – even if he doesn’t sing – also influenced our love for music. Every time there was a road trip, he would play songs by Earth Wind and Fire, New Edition, Hall and Oates…songs from the 80’s and stuff.

Kuya and I do sing together! We love anything Disney… from their songs, to even the park (Disneyland).”

music siblings good family relationships mark and grace que

JM: “I can only imagine how fun that must have been, for a home to be filled with so much music (knowing how beautiful your mom’s voice is) and yes to “Earth, Wind, and Fire” (your dad has awesome choice in music) too! We also used to play a lot of those at home and whenever we do long drives with my family. 🙂 

With that being said, what kind of music do you personally like and sing besides Disney songs and what your dad plays?”

mark que music

Mark: “I don’t really have a particular genre that I stick to when I’m making music. It kind of depends on what kind of sound inspires me at the moment, or for what purpose I write the song. Most of the time I end up making worship songs, though. That goes for when I’m playing music, too! Singing-wise, it’s hands down Disney songs! Although I like singing the Frank Sinatra kind as well!”

grace que singer teen vlogger

Grace: “There’s no particular genre, but we usually sing songs with positive messages (Christian songs). I’m eclectic, so I like the majority of the songs that I listen to. But I tend to sing songs by Adele, Alicia Keys, or Tori Kelly.”

JM: “I like how your playlist seem inspirational yet fun and enjoyable with Disney songs in between!

With so many talents that you both have, what’s next for the Que sibs? What are your individual and sibling dreams?” 

music siblings good family relationships mark and grace que

Mark: “Right now, I’m aiming to pursue medicine. I’m still in the application process though. But, given the chance, I would like to be able to serve people as a doctor. I’ll never let go of my musical side though! I’d love to be able to continue writing songs, especially together with Grace! And perhaps, maybe even compile that into an album someday? God willing!”

grace que singer performer teen vlogger

Grace: “I’m still in 10th grade, but am planning to take up a course majoring in the arts (fashion, graphic design…etc.). I’d also like to be able to perform (singing) and write songs with my brother and be able to be a good example to others as we shine for Jesus!”

JM: “Amazing – a Singing Doctor and a Singing Artist! I really think you guys can make it big in the near future.

Besides all your talents and purposeful goals, I’ve been watching your videos on Say Grace and how you’ve been sharing surprises and blessings to strangers. You’re both still so young but the impact that you’ve been doing through your talents and opportunities is just immense. What’s your advice to our youth today? How can they be more productive and live a more purposeful and meaningful life like you guys?”

Mark: “All I can say is, know your purpose! So many people live their lives just going through the motions, or following what other people say. Others might try to follow what their own hearts tell them to do.

But life isn’t always easy, and the future isn’t always crystal clear. It’s during these tough times that you start to question yourself about purpose. And if you don’t have a solid answer, you might just crumble.

That’s why you should know why you’re doing what you’re doing. As for me, God gives me my purpose, and that is to honor and glorify Him in everything I do. With my purpose set, I know that my goal is more than the actual things that I’m doing; it is God Himself! Recognizing that enables me to go beyond my circumstances and see the world through His eyes. Obeying God, loving others, and being faithful with my work doesn’t become a burden anymore, but becomes a natural outflow from my heart!”

music siblings good family relationships mark and grace que

Grace: “There is hope and purpose in your life! Jesus loves you, and that’s why He died on the cross for us. He gave us an open door to heaven. All we have to do now is to receive Him. Honor God in all that you do. Listen, obey, and trust in Him. If you are going through something, know that you can always run back to the Lord and ask for help and/or forgiveness. He will always be there to welcome you with open arms.”

“Know your purpose. There is hope and purpose in your life! You should know why you’re doing what you’re doing.” – (Quoting Mark & Grace Que)

This is the reason why I’ve been inspired and blessed with the Que sibs, even as young as they are, they already know their purpose, why they’re doing what they’re doing and to whom it is for!

No matter how young or old you are, if you’re still finding your purpose in life despite all your God-given talents, the opportunities and blessings that you have, may you always remember what Grace said, “There is hope and purpose in your life!”

And it’s never too late!

I remember how I wanted to do a lot of things when I was younger but I’ve always questioned why I wanted to do them, what’s my purpose and why and what am I here for?

Then when I was 24 years old, that’s the time when I realized that every thing that I wanted to do and was capable of doing would just be meaningless apart from accomplishing them with a more lasting purpose and a calling bigger than myself.

Alongside my journey in genuinely knowing and receiving Jesus in my life, I realized my purpose. And that’s why I included this verse on my website as a reminder in everything that I do: “Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me.” (Psalm 103:2)

What about you? Have you found your purpose in life?

May this blog inspire you as Mark and Grace shared a bit about their lives as brother and sister and how they’re both using their love for music for something good. Watch how they also share some kindness, one good deed at a time through Say Grace:

I miss sharing some blogcast with you guys! But please be patient, because my next one’s going to be published soon.

Thanks for joining me today. Remember to stay GRATEFUL and HOPEFUL!

If you’d like me to feature a particular question or topic for my next blogcast, don’t forget (and don’t be shy) to fill out the form below. 🙂

I’d love to hear from you!



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