Talents, Work and Calling During a Pandemic

by May 14, 2020Events, Talks

Instagram Live Poster about talents, work and calling

Oksana Khristeva from Russia x JM from the Philippines

Talents, work and calling. These three words often make you wonder about what you really want to do in life, right? How do you discover your talents? How can you turn your talents into work? And how do you connect these two to your calling?

How do we work on these three during this time of pandemic? Have you ever felt anxious about work and “what’s next” especially during the worldwide lockdown? 🙆🏻‍♀️ Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve been thinking a lot about these things as well. 😅

For this reason, Oksana Khristeva (a former lawyer turned consultant and trainer from Russia) and I thought of having this 30-minute meaningful chat via Instagram live. We’ll talk about talents, work and calling in this challenging season of uncertainties.

With this short but meaningful conversation, we hope to encourage people and to present ideas on how you can make better use of your time and opportunities. 💛

Check the photo for details and message us your questions. The two most interesting ones will get a complimentary consultation with Oksana. 🤗🙏🏻

‘See you’ this Friday! Join us live on Instagram through our Instagram accounts FOLLOW US at @SeasonsWithMsJM and at @Oksana_Hristeva so you can be notified once we’re live.

More about Oksana:

Oksana Khristeva was born and raised in Russia. After graduating from a Law Institute, she worked as a lawyer representing the interests of the state in the arbitration court. But two years later she decided to leave the job.

Now she has 10 years of experience in consulting and training with her Training Company Transformation. The vision of the company is to transform the society according to biblical principles through education and training. While its mission is to conduct seminars in several important areas like happy family, effective communication, discovering of talents and gifts, and mission of life.



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