The Best Dates: When Marco Polo Hotel Brings Cebu, Davao and Switzerland to Manila

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Wine Cheese Bread Buffet at Marco Polo

Another kind of buffet 🙂

As I’ve been setting up something behind my online home, you’ll notice that I only post every latter part of the month… This shall change, as I’m about to unwrap more about the plans that I’ve been working on. So I hope that you’ll all continue to stick around! 😉

Anyhow, I noticed that ever since a friend introduced me to Marco Polo Ortigas early this year, I couldn’t help but get impressed and visit for more with the numerous one of a kind experiences that they offer both for my business and pleasure days.

For business, I love sitting at my favorite corner at Pronto Café where I can either work alone or set a business meeting. (Any thing that I can give as an excuse to get my pastry + chocolate fix in the form of a freshly baked and warm pain au chocolat!)

iced tea at cucina in marco polo ortigas

Refreshing Iced Tea at Cucina








And when it comes to the relationships (my pleasure) that are important to me, I can always go to Cucina to pig out spend time with the people that I love while enjoying a different kind of either set menu or buffet with them.





set menu cebu davao manila marco polo hotel

For my Papa’s birthday, I decided to spend a post birthday date with him at Cucina. Our date was very timely since Marco Polo Ortigas was having an ongoing very special SET MENU – their own rendition of our favorite fruits from Manila and Cebu (soon from Davao, too) infused with our well-loved Filipino and International dishes.

pina mania set menu at marco polo ortigas manila

Piña Mania (MANILA): Grilled Tiger Prawns with Pineapple-Mango Salad and Tamarind Vinaigrette Dressing | Crispy Pata stuffed with Foie Gras and topped with Pineapple Salsa | Pineapple Tamale with Pastry Crust filled with Flavorful Pineapple Filling & Mango Custard & Minted Coconut Jelly on the side.

Mango Bango at Marco Polo ortigas manila

Mango Bango (CEBU): Pasta Ravioli with Crabmeat and Mango | Mango Surf & Turf | Cheesecake & Mango Jam Crème Brulee.

I fell in love with Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Signature Set Menu, the Mango Bango. I also saw my dad enjoyed his Surf & Turf from this set. Although I find Piña Mania’s salad refreshing, I prefer the combination and mango renditions of the ravioli, surf & turf and the cheesecake & crème brulee more. Everything in this set’s entrée were cooked to perfection too. I can easily eat this and the dessert over and over again. (If only they can make this as a permanent set menu here in Manila.)

*** Be prepared for their Pomelo Set Menu from Davao. A little bird told me about their menu: Ceviche of Prawn with Grilled Calamari & Pomelo | Slow Baked Salmon Fillet with Pomelo | Chilled Pomelo Cheesecake & Vodka Pomelo Jelly (What? I’m looking forward to this one!) 

If you want to try these amazing SET MENU lists (especially my personal choice, the Mango Bango), check the availability of these specials first. I’ll include the contact details at the end of this post. 🙂


swiss the alps aerial shot travel photography landscape

Missing Switzerland during my flight from Paris to Venice. I only got to capture the Alps from the plane (my first aerial shot before the birth of drones).

Okay, so one of the things that I also love about this hotel is that I feel like I’m still traveling even though I’m stuck in the city! First, I was brought back to my trip to China by reliving some authentic Cantonese dishes at Lung Hin. And recently, I was finally able to experience Switzerland in Manila!

The Swiss Festival was also perfect for my 7th Friendversary (yes, there’s such a thing, thanks to Facebook) with my friend who equally adores traveling and Europe just as I do. So I brought her at Marco Polo at their “All Things Swiss” where we enjoyed authentic Swiss Cuisine (think wine and Swiss cheese, finest Alpine pralines and a lot more). Perfect for a friendsary date!

Grateful for my intro to Switzerland!

all things swiss at marco polo ortigas manila hotel

The Gentlemen of Marco Polo Hotel & the ginormous Emmental Cheese: (L to R) Mr. Mirko De Giorgi (Director or Restaurants, Bars and Events), Executive Chef Rolf Jaeggi (Marco Polo Hong Kong), Mr. Frank Reichenbach (General Manager), Mr. Marlon Guevara (Director of Rooms), and Mr. Mike Yutuc (Resident Manger).

So, as I’ve been posting on my Instagram and Facebook page a number of curious friends were asking me about my Swiss Bliss experience. So friends, here are some details about it. But don’t just take my word (and pictures) for it, you have to experience it yourself! 🙂



I can have another plate of this very light, refreshing and perfectly prepared dish!

I enjoyed every fold of the beef carpaccio on my fork with the mache leaves, which I occasionally paired with either or together with the quail egg and beef tartar. And I loved how the zesty and peppery marinade and the cheese complimented everything on this plate. The perfect intro to my Swiss experience.


Beef Carpaccio with Beef Tartar, Quail Egg, Mache Leaves and Lemon Pepper Marinade paired with Fendant Blanc d’Amour 2014, CAve Valcombe


I didn’t know what to expect with this one. I just thought it was different (well at least here in the Philippines) since I drink barley more than I eat it. But this soup was such an unexpected treat! I was delighted with every spoonfuls of this traditional Swiss soup which I think is normally flavored more and paired with cuts of the viande des grisons (air-dried beef). Another bowl? Yes, please!  


Swiss Barley Soup with Herbs and Viande Des Grisons

ZE MAIN: “I VEAL YOU…” (Cheesy / Corny, I’m sorry.)

Now, this is what I call vavavoom for the veal and the potatoes. I love potatoes! I truly believe that besides EGGS, POTATOES are one of the simplest but most delicious gifts from God. And this another authentic and delicious Swiss meal didn’t disappoint with my love for potatoes at all! Not to mention the way how it was paired with such tender veal and the ooh la la mushrooms, oh the mushrooms and the sauce that made it more rich and creamy! I love this course to bits! 

main veal and rosti potatoes

Veal Zurichoise with Rosti Potatoes paired with Humagne Rouge 2013, Grand Metral


I like desserts that are not overly sweet and overpowering. Now this light and tarty dessert (yes, this is light for me) was a desirable way to end a sumptuous and authentic Swiss meal. 

dessert tart swiss

Plum tart with vanilla snaps and whipped cream paired with Marugg Riesling Sylvaner 2007

wine and cheese all things swiss marco polo ortigas

Wine – YES, Cheese – YES, and everything nice including the General Manager Sir Frank who warmly accommodated us and joined us for lunch – YES & THANK YOU. Sir Frank, thank you so much for your kindness. Such a gracious and down-to-earth gentleman! And what an experience with Swiss food, wine and the company since Sir Frank is actually a multi linguist Swiss native (he can also understand and speak a little Tagalog). He even made sure that I had my melted Raclette before I left. So this was really like having an authentic Swiss lunch with the Alps and everything nice around us. 😉 (Scroll down for the yummy video of this incredible raclette with Chef Rolf!)



buffet all things swiss swiss festival marco polo hotel ortigas

The good thing about the Swiss Food Festival is that you can have all of the above plated dishes that I had in buffet style! Oh my! Let your hearts be steady because it’s going to be really good! 

Lots of opportunities to take advantage of this Swiss Bliss (my own term for this experience):


Monday to Thursday

Lunch P1,500 | Dinner P1,800

Friday to Sunday

Lunch P2,300 | Dinner P2,650

(Imagine this + chocolate buffet featuring only the finest pralines. If you’re one of those “lucky” guests then you might also get a special gift from Turkish airlines while you dine – Swiss style!)


Discover a showcase of the finest Alpine praline in boxes of 3, 6 and 12. Take home some Swiss love or give them to your loved ones. Very thoughtful! 


Wine & Cheese and an unobstructed view of the city! Indulge and enjoy a Swiss cheese buffet for P1,900 (please note that Swiss wines are not yet included here. Avail a glass or bottle of your choice) while lounging at the top floor of Marco Polo Ortigas. I’m not a wine connoisseur but I definitely enjoyed my food, cheese & Swiss wine pairing experience.


all things swiss marco polo hotel ortigas

Had the pleasure of having my 7th Friendsary Lunch with Len and the gentlemen of Marco Polo. Plus, we got to have those traditional Swiss desserts (which were super yummy too) with my coffee! Good to hear German and French languages spoken at the table and to be questioned how I keep myself slim. Well, the answer is with the glass of warm water and how I chew my food – real well and slow (have to thank my genes/ metabolism too). Good food, good company, a great dating place for all occasions.

Take advantage of “All Things Swiss”, you only have until September 4 (Sunday) to book your table and have a unique time experiencing Switzerland in Manila. 🙂

Check my video below to see more about the experience especially that melted raclette served by Swiss borne and culinary expert Chef Rolf Jaeggi:



It’s pretty obvious that in just a few months, Marco Polo Ortigas has been one of my favorite hotels in the city. And I think I made the right choice as they were also recognized with a 5-star rating for their quality and excellence of work and service last July 14! And to think they’ve only been around for two years!

I’ve been at MP for several times already but I believe that I still have a number of things to experience at this 5-star home in the city. 

Here’s my own to-do list at MP

Date loved ones at Cucina

✓ Experience another country in Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

✓ Be pampered at the Flow Spa

Have the best Cantonese lunch at Lung Hin

Work at Pronto Café while enjoying pastries and easy-to-go treats

❑   Watch some Swiss praline making

❑ Staycation and Writing retreat at MP

❑ Afternoon High Tea with girlfriends at Connect Lounge

❑ Wine & Cheese and Latin nights at the Vu’s Sky Bar and Lounge with friends

If you already tried any of these I would love to hear about them! Any recommendations for my next R&R are all welcome too. 🙂 What do you have on your favorite hotel list?



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