“The Pursuit & The Awakening”

by Nov 4, 2011Blog, Inspirations

 Versailles grand canal

The Pursuit

Barely a sketch, I already carry great extent of thoughts about you,

Your outline seems perfect, incomparable to others I have seen and created.

You are My own portrait, My very own masterpiece,

I have loved you even before you were made complete.

Can the sunshine’s rays be compared to the warmth of your skin?

Or the star’s glow be measured with the shimmer in your eyes?

Would your intricacy be resembled that of a butterfly?

Or your exquisite heart be likened to that of a gemstone?

You are precious, even from the time you started to walk on your own.

I’ve always been in great anticipation as You call on Me,

And even as I wait for the opportune time for Me to hold your hand once again.

I have always been with you, keeping you secure with My love from your vulnerabilities.

I eagerly wait for your awakening,

The time when You’ll realize My existence.

I will rejoice just seeing your beauty,

Capturing the pleasing aroma of your praise.

Your beauty magnified as you started to awaken and had a vision of Me.

Nothing has changed; I am still the same and will forever be.

I will always romance you and will not grow tired of loving you.

You are precious, you belong to Me, and you are Mine.

The Awakening

A rough draft, that’s how my life seems to be written.

I know it’s within me, the purpose that I’ve been seeking.

But the void is here, it’s been echoing beneath my soul.

There is more to life than this, there is more to this.

Can somebody love the filthy mortal in me?

My eyes show the rigid parts of my heart and I am not pleased,

I’m no beauty, I regret, I’m no beauty.

So who am I to be loved?

Who am I to be endlessly pursued?

Who am I to be answered?

And who am I to be made secure of Someone else’s devotion?

I am nothing apart from You.

Yet You’ve chased my heart.

And have never ceased to take hold of my hand.

You’ve eagerly waited as I awakened from a long slumber.

Age of old remarks, Your majesty, Your glory, and power.

I don’t need to see them all and hear a thunder.

Just to realize that You exist and You desire me with much wonder.

You are incomparable, I am made for you, I am Yours.

– Written: 10/25 & 11/04/2011-



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