The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Scrub and Massage at the Flow Spa and Why We Need This Right Now

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Have you ever felt the need to let go of the world in order to be in harmony with yourself again? That’s what I’ve been exactly feeling for months and even during my birthday month (when I wasn’t able to share anything that I want and need to share here).

Last month I turned to an age (CLUE: The jersey number of Scottie Pippen during his Chicago Bulls days. Any 90’s NBA fans here?) of more maturity (haha) and thought how time and seasons just fleeted my way. They felt like a swift brush from a blank canvas from being a baby girl to a little girl, to a teenager and a lady, and now to a full-grown woman.

The intense and prolonged desire to be in a place away from being an adult (the stress, the pressure, the concerns) and to just be in harmony with my young self again was resting somewhere inside of me. Things just got a bit deranged that even my focus was being affected already. (Anyone guilty of the same feelings here?) I just want to flow as smooth as a silk and as pleasurable as a satin in my life again. I need to awaken my young self again!

the flow spa reception

Letting it FLOW again at the very exclusive Flow Spa. I was welcomed with this kind of reception upon entering the spa. A great start!

This May, I decided to make a conscious effort to do just that and to make time for myself away from the world. As we’ve celebrated my maternal grandma’s 92nd birthday this month, I also remember and miss my mom whom I always celebrate Mother’s Day with. One of my favorite presents to give her was something where I can treat her like a queen while giving her quality time. That’s our favorite special moment together where we’ll just stay away from the world (even just for a few hours) and be in harmony with ourselves again. We loved to elope and go to spas together!


Preparing to be pampered was very exciting!

But since she’s no longer around, I decided to celebrate this month by remembering her and getting the special Mom’s package at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. I picked a very exclusive package for the month of Mother’s Day where I can also celebrate my Mom and what we used to do together. I chose a (dark) Chocolate Scrub paired with a Combination Massage. They also have an option for a Swedish Massage or to get an Algotherm Facial and Foot Massage but I opted for what my mom and I always get.

And man (and woman)! The package that I chose definitely didn’t disappoint every inch of my skin and every tissue of my body.


Started my treatment with this hot lemongrass with ginger tea.

The whole experience restored me from the inside out… (Check my photos for the details.)

It was a good way to remember and somewhat bond with my mom by reliving our memories together and making new ones. It was also a time that I needed the most in this season of being a more mature adult. 🙂 My whole time at the Flow Spa helped me to recognize how important it is to be in one with yourself and your Creator, and to be reminded about His purpose for you.

Why are we doing what we’re doing here on earth? Experiences like this with yourself helps you to have a decent pause and continue to persevere no matter what your season is. It realigns you.

foot wash

Before the start of my treatment, my therapist gave me a nice foot wash with Epson Salt. 🙂

What are the other ways that you treat yourself with in order to be in harmony with yourself, your Creator, your purpose, and to even celebrate life? 🙂

I hope you have that one or a couple of avenues for that.

epson salt

my room

Surprisingly I had this exclusive and spacious Couples Room for myself! What a perfect way to remember someone special…

My Flow Spa experience started with reminiscing good memories, entering a space where I can let go and just let it flow, be pampered and have a renewed sense of well being.

the flow mothers day package scrub massage spa relax

1. Relaxed with the City View, 2. Delightfully covered by an-almost-good-to-eat Dark Chocolate Scrub, 3. Be lost in a deep and combination massage and stretches

The Experience:

Think being submerged to a deep relaxation and very close to a euphoric kind of feeling as you’ll be covered while being gently rubbed from the soles of your feet to your nape with fine granules of dark chocolate and with deep and very thoughtful massage.

When Mary Jane (my therapist) started rubbing the chocolate scrub from my lower back to  my upper back that’s when a complete sensation of pure chocolate bliss flowed in me. The soothing yet energizing music, the sweet but not overpowering scent of the cocoa, and the  gently calm touch of the masseuse reassures one soul that “All will be well”.      

Right after my scrub, I was offered by Mary Jane if I want to try their sauna. I said I would love that! So for ten to fifteen minutes I sat inside the room for some steam bath while rubbing the remaining chocolate scrub on my body, releasing more cocoa oil and its decadence. I was messy and I like it! 

Next, Mary Jane prepared every thing for my massage. I like the part when she asked if there’s any part of my body that she needs to avoid, I replied no but I want her to focus on my upper back. 🙂 Which she did while being very conscious of her strokes. The oil that she used was unscented – good for those picky noses. But for me it would completely satisfy me more if there was a scent for the massage oil that will complement the chocolate scrub. Lavender perhaps? But with or without scent, I was totally indulged with a total sense of comfort and tranquility.

My Flow Spa experience ended with the sound of a bell… An invite to having a renewed and refreshed soul for the new challenges ahead. A transition to a refreshed self, prepared to face the reality of being an adult.

Before I got ready to leave such haven, I was offered with another cup of tea while I was looking at the city view. It was comforting, reassuring and a totally luxurious afternoon. A good time for reinvigorating and for remembering. 

(Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!) 


More details at the Flow Spa and the special bell that woke me up… See it? 🙂

I hope every mom will be treated with this even after Mother’s Day. I think everyone of us needs this kind of city or reality getaway from time to time. Women and men in general needs time to realign themselves, rediscover their values and rejuvenate their souls.

(Next time I would love to try to have a staycation and have a 90-minute Flow Signature Massage, and have my fiesta buffet at Cucina. It’s my next Mother’s Day plan! What’s yours?)


Still at the 22nd floor… Visiting the nice indoor pool at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

P.S. I ended up overindulging by treating myself with a pistachio gelato from Marco Polo’s coffee shop “Pronto“. The gelato was too sweet for me but nonetheless a nice and sweet end to my Mother’s Day experience at the Flow Spa.

(I highly recommend their pain au chocolat though! Have it warm… it’s so good!)

To those who want to have a quick city getaway:

Visit FLOW SPA at the 22nd floor of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. This exclusive spa is not just for the hotel’s in-house guests but for everyone who wants to be treated with pure indulgence. They’re open from 9 am to 12 midnight. Book through: (632) 720-7777 or /


P.P.S. Enjoyed this Weekend Fiesta (only from Fridays to Sundays) at Marco Polo Hotel’s Cucina with my dear friend Gel Bayona from Travelife Magazine. It was such a nice catch up date while (over) eating our favorite fiesta dishes! What I like about their buffet is that it’s not overwhelming! They have a very chosen spread – starting from what I enjoyed the most- their Cochinillo, fresh seafood (the ocean-fresh Oysters) and their paella, and the list of feast continues. Delicious!



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