Throwback to China through the Award-Winning Cantonese Restaurant in Manila, LUNG HIN

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Lung Hin Cantonese Dishes Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas Manila

Unveiling the authentic Cantonese flavors at Lung Hin in Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas Manila in a few scrolls…¬†

I have a confession to make… I’ve been struggling with¬†a bad case of writer’s block. ūüôĀ But the good thing is little by little I try to persist through writing even a portion of what I need to accomplish every day. I try not to get overwhelmed since it really doesn’t help with my focus, but sometimes I still do. Thus, before sharing the second part about FEAR and Masungi Georeserve¬†I thought of taking a break and refreshing my head with FOOD. A good way to deal with any struggle! (Haha!)

Growing up in the Philippines and having A LOT of Filipino-Chinese friends, it’s impossible for anyone to miss having a¬†taste of Chinese cuisine. We grew up eating pancit, dim sum / dumplings, siopao and the rest of those usual party staples we have with our¬†Fil-Chi friends. As much as I love this kind of food, sometimes I experience them in an extreme way¬†– extremely oily or extremely salty¬†or bland for my taste. But that was just rare since I also know some good restos that serve the right Chinese cuisine in Manila and one them is Lung Hin.


The IronMan 70.3 Triathlon participants and their families in Beijing last May 2011.

The first time that I can say I’ve tasted an authentic Chinese cuisine was when I went to China last 2011. Authentic because of the obvious. Well, I was where it was originated, right? ūüėČ So that’s when I first encountered having a taste of what it should be like…

It should taste fresh and not too oily, flavorful but not to the extreme. Just that clean and not overpowering flavor on the taste buds. It should be simple but good!


What the restaurant looks like at the 44th floor (taken by my iPhone) – overlooking the city

So when I was invited to try the new dishes of Lung Hin’s new Chinese Executive Chef, Leung Chi Kwan I got pretty excited! Why? Because I love trying anything NEW and I heard so many great things about the new chef. Chef Leung is an internationally experienced chef from working at international five-star hotels to well-known Chinese restaurants. That’s why I really anticipated a unique culinary experience for my lunch.



At the 16th China Hotel Industry Golden Horse Awards Gala, Lung Hin was awarded as one of the most outstanding Chinese restaurants outside of China (that’s huge!).¬†


The following food photos might make you hungry.

(I hope by this time it’s either you already had your lunch or are trying to gain back your appetite.)

how did my plate turned from this...

Being the lady that I am, I started with a¬†plate suitable for a demure one like me…

my real plate

But then again, as much as I want to be demure I also cannot wait to have a taste of all the dishes that we have on our table. So what did we have? 

the feast

Here’s the feast that lead me to reminisce China through my mouth¬†


Some of the fun memories I had in China with new friends! 


Before my plate went crazy, I started with this first: SPINACH SEAFOOD SOUP


Then I went for the gold and had a “balanced” diet with HAM & VEGETABLES in SUPERIOR BROTH FOOKIAN MISUA ¬†first


Then off I went to “dip into the fried” stuff: DEEP FRIED BEANCURD LEEK ROLLS with XO CHILI SAUCE

another fried


clean taste

Then had the freshest POACHED LIVE GAROUPA with MUSHROOM

1st drink

I got refreshed in between¬†the succulent bites with this MANGO KIWI…


as I highly anticipated trying this fat STIR-FRIED CRYSTAL PRAWNS (with steamed broccoli to balance it once more) 


And the superstar of the feast, my personal favorite Рfrom the side salad (so delicious) to the most tender and mouth-watering DEEP FRIED SPARERIBS with BLACK VINEGAR SAUCE in one plate! 


Finishing off the sumptuous lunch with this CHILLED MIXED JELLY WITH GRASS JELLY … or¬†so I thought…

I thought I was already done when this happened

Until this glorious steam happened on our table…


A steaming hot and “golden” dim sum treat to sum up the award-winning experience!¬†

good way to reminisce

Then more memories of our China trip was played in my head…¬†

another drink

Cheers to a wonderful and authentic (indeed) Cantonese experience with this delightful DAVAO PUNCH (A fresh mixed of passion fruit, soda, pomelo juice and vodka Рjust a tiny bit of kick) as a great way to end an unforgettable lunch.  

Looking forward to the next flavors to try!

Where do you want to have your throwback experience next (through food)? If you want to experience some #TBT to China and have an authentic Cantonese experience like I did, check out Lung Hin at the 44th floor of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.   |    Facebook: /MarcoPoloOrtigasManila  | (63 2) 720 77 77



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