True Story | My Bride Story (Featuring the Bridal Team from Kapwa Studio and Bridal Robes from Niya Gabriela) Part 1

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my bride story

Sssshhh…. This is my own “Bride Story”

“I was supposed to get married before I turned 30. Well, at least that was the plan, but something happened…”

A few months ago, a friend asked me, “Did you ever think that you’d end up still single during this time?”

I replied with a resounding NO. I always wanted to be married and settle down before I turn 30. And it’s not as if it was impossible. The thing is, there was a possibility. There was SOMEONE…

But before I continue my story, let me clarify the following things before we proceed:

  1. This is VERY PERSONAL. I’m quite nervous about this as I am making myself more vulnerable than ever. But I thought that as this is helping me, this might also help at least one person who might be going through his or her own journey as well.
  1. You think you KNOW, but you really don’t. I told a few friends about a portion of my story here. Some of them were even with me when the things that I’ll share here happened. But I realized that yes, they might know portions of my story but they really don’t know the entirety of what was going on in both my heart and head. So friends, be prepared.
  1. I will FEATURE some special people alongside my story. Besides my personal story, I’m also featuring the Bridal Team from Kapwa Studio and Bridal Robes from Niya Gabriela. Because of the Bridal Photo Shoot that I had with them, I realized a lot of things, which brought me to write this story.
  1. I’M WEIRD. As I have my own sets of beliefs, values and experiences, some of the things here might be strange for you. Some of you could relate but I understand if some people won’t be able to. So just to warn you, this could be strange.

If every thing’s clear, we may now proceed… 🙂

make up bridal

Makeup artist Dionne Taylor, preparing my face for our bridal shoot.


“Meet me halfway, right at the borderline

That’s where I’m gonna wait for you

I’ll be lookin out, night n’ day”

This was the song that kept on playing on the radio before I left for a conference in Sydney, Australia back in 2011. And for some reason, I agreed with the Black Eyed Peas. I felt like I was really going to meet someone special during this trip. I really felt it.

Fast forward to one of the evenings during our autumn trip, my friend and I randomly met a new group of people while we were walking along one of the quiet streets that ended to a “street chat” and a dinner.

I hope I could describe the place and the food that we ordered but I totally forgot about them. The only thing that I remember was the one and only guy in the group. He was one shy Eurasian looking guy. He was so shy that we barely talked during that trip. We would meet him a few times but we really never had a memorable conversation.

On the day that I got back to Manila, I suddenly received an email. The subject was something like “Hey Hey, this is _____.” It was from the shy Eurasian guy. And on his first email, he was different. I saw a very chatty, smart, funny and cheeky guy. He was writing to me from his home.  We had a time difference of 4-5 hours where he was from.

bridal robes bridal shoot

Choosing the different delicate robes with Nicole Uy Aparentado of Niya Gabriela.

So there was a guy…

(Just for this blog series, and to protect his real identity, let’s secretly call him Guy”. This name is actually of French origin, which means “Guide” or “Leader”. :p)

And with all the time we spent getting to know each other online, soon he decided to visit me and meet my family and friends in Manila…

“I look forward to continuing to build our relationship with the goal of committing solely to each other in the future and beyond.”

That’s what he said.

But something happened…

While there was someone who is capable and willing to build something special and lasting with me, I was also slowly feeling broken…

As I was beginning to have strong feelings for him, I was beginning to feel tender and weak…

Something’s been slowly wasting away while someone’s filling my heart with something new…

kapwa studio bridal team bridal shoot bridal robe and hair

Hair Stylist Leslie Ferrer Espinosa, setting up my hair for our bridal shoot.

THE REVELATION… (tomorrow)

{Main photos taken by Andrei Suleik & BTS shots by Earl Roxas}

What people are saying about this blog:

“You look very beautiful in these pictures my darling x” – Diamond

“I was wondering, why didn’t he wait for you JM? 🤔” – Cecilia

“Lovely writing and inspiring words… as always. Perhaps the wounds never truly heal. But we live on and make new memories that fill the little gaps in our lives… and maybe our hearts.

(Can’t wait for the next part of this story.)” – CMGarrido



  1. Diamond

    You look very beautiful in these pictures my darling x

    • Joanne-Marie

      Hello my Queen! Thank you my love. 🙂


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