“Waiting” In Goa, India

by Jan 19, 2015Travel Notes

Good Morning! This 2015, let me share more snippets, stories and short inspirations to you from my previous and upcoming travels.

Goa India Flower Vendor Colors

Waiting for my change from this lovely flower vendor outside one of the temples in Goa, India.

Today, let me share a photo taken by one of our friends, Robert from Hungary (where people are always hungry) in our trip to Goa, India for Travelife Magazine.

This amazing journey and business trip with Ms. Gel Bayona happened on my birthday week, which made it even more special. This trip to India was a first for both Gel and I and it was also the first time for me to be out of the country on my birthday.

It was a wonderful and timely travel meeting people from different countries while having unique experiences that only Goa can offer.

One thing that this trip reminded me was about “waiting”. This kind of trip took time to happen but it was all worth the wait.

(Do you want to discover the amazing thing that happened even before I made my first step to India? Click here.)

Have you been waiting for a breakthrough or something special to happen in your life? May this verse encourage you today:

“Since before time began
no one has ever imagined,
No ear heard, no eye seen, a God like you
who works for those who wait for him.”
(Isaiah 64:4 The Message)



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