When You’re Not Traveling: Do you suffer from Wanderlust Syndrome?

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As much as we want to travel all the time, there will be times when we need to, well, STAY PUT. And if you’re a man or a woman with a potent wanderlust in you, it would be impossible for you NOT to get affected by a syndrome I call “Itchinessis Pedis” or commonly known as having the ITCHY FEET or Wanderlust Syndrome.

When ITCHY FEET starts to occur its symptoms are characterized by the following behavior and emotion (but not limited to):

  • SLEEPING PROBLEMS. You either have a hard time sleeping or you tend to oversleep. You start to daydream that you’re out-of-town or abroad while wide-awake and at work. You “sleepwalk”. Or you couldn’t wait to sleep so you can start planning your (literally) DREAM destination. Your dreams become more beautiful than your reality, you just don’t want to wake up. (But you have to. You have work. And your work pays for your travel.)
  • AUDITORY HALLUCINATIONS. You start hearing music and every move and scene in your day corresponds to a particular place and sound. Like when you’re at a coffee shop or at home while sipping your hot coffee and having your pandesal (or make that a baguette), you start hearing an orchestra playing the classic La Vie en Rose. Other times while in the shower the Beach Boys begin singing, “Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh I wanna take Ya…Bermuda, Bahama, Come on pretty mama“. (Okay, you can stop singing now.)
  • (OVERLY) WATERY EYES. You perpetually cry while reading travel magazines or blogs or when watching travel and lifestyle channels or when someone starts sharing his/her recent sojourn. Your emotions are exaggerated. You cry (that or you hysterically laugh).
  • LOSS OF APPETITE. No amount of sugar or fat can make you well. Nothing (except Nutella).
  • WEIRD SNEEZING AND COUGHING. You start sneezing and coughing but instead of the normal “a-ching” and “ahem“, what goes out of your mouth is super weird. You start sneezing “PAH-REEH” and coughing “KYO-TO”.
  • SHAKING AND ITCHY FEET. Lastly, this is the most common symptom for “Itchinessis Pedis“. Your body begins to shake just by the mention of the cities or “things to do” on your bucket list. Your feet get itchy too and you begin to see rashes (red marks that resemble to different continents). But then again it’s just your imagination.

Do you think you’re suffering from “Itchinessis Pedis”? Have yourself checked today. It’s never too late to find a remedy for such suffering.

Good thing, I’m here to share two of the treatments that worked for me. I hope it will work for you too.

Every person suffering from Itchy Feet or “Wanderlust Syndrome” can also access a remedy that can neutralize such condition. Every person has different reactions to such remedy and it will depend upon the person’s biological structure and personality on how he/she will react from such treatment.

Two of the treatments that work for me are these: food and (a good) company. So when I’m not traveling, allow me to share and write about the two other things that I love – FOOD AND PEOPLE. This way, you’ll help me go through my treatments successfully (even just temporarily).

P.S. I just made this all up but feel free to leave a message if you can relate to this and if you have other ways in coping from such unpleasant situation. 😉 What’s your antidote to ITCHY FEET/ Wanderlust Syndrome?



  1. Chinky Magtibay

    What a cute post! I am guilty of this! haha I suffer from all of the above! I just love to travel and discover new places but alas, yes there are moments that I simply have to stay put. Now, I really have to write my next blog post – Why I gave up an all expenses paid trip to Europe! Gasp!

    • Joanne-Marie

      Hi Chinky! I’m glad you think this post is cute (haha). I hope you get well from it too. So what do you normally do to aid the suffering from “Wanderlust Syndrome“?

      Wow, now I have to wait for that post! I’m curious how you got the opportunity for an all-expense paid trip to Europe and why you gave it up? Tell me pls? 🙂 Looking forward to your blog! Thanks for the visit.

      • Chinky

        Ooooh…. I really don’t want to get well from it! hahaha

        • Joanne-Marie

          Hahaha! Correct! :p Sometimes the coping is just hard. 😉 Nice to read your post about your supposedly all-expense paid trip to Europe.

  2. Yasmin

    Haha! I love the “weird sneezing and coughing” part! 🙂 Totally enjoyed your humor dear.

    • Joanne-Marie

      Good to know you enjoyed my humor on this post, “Sayang”. 🙂 *coughing “Capadocia”, oops excuse me… *sneezing “Ephesus”



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